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Compra HGH en liña en Chiang Mai - entrega de Genotropin ao norte de Tailandia

A new order for growth hormone from the northern capital of Thailand - Chiang Mai for somotropin HGH from Pizer - Genotropin is the amount of 3 pens  for our regular customer from Chiang Mai for the course of growth hormone in bodybuilding and muscle growth. entrega is carried out from a pharmacy in Bangkok using courier delivery service (delivery of growth hormone in Chiang Mai takes 12-24 hours and is completely free)

In addition, the kit includes a set of needles 40 BD Micro-Fine Ultra 8mm x 0.25mm or any other manufacturer of the correct size (29-gauge, 30-gauge, or 31-gauge)

All order contents

  • Genotropin GoQuick Pen 12mg (36IU)
  • Needles pen for HGH
  • Alcohol swabs

We place in a sealed waterproof bag that we place in a medical container with ice for an ideal storage temperature for the delivery period

Delivery is directly in the hands of the client to the door of his house

Buy HGH online in Chiang Mai

Buy HGH online in Chiang Mai

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